Wooden Flooring

VG sales offers a wide range of wooden flooring to enhance your business, home and commercial places and make it a true manifestation of your style. The company has been continuously expanding with huge variety of new products to serve the clients demands. VG sales boasts of a unique look and style icon of its own and our flooring are highly artistic, eco-friendly, easy to clean and hygienic.

We basically deal in two types of wooden flooring -

  • Tarkett Laminated Flooring- This flooring is extremely strong as well as durable and equipped with resistant solution. Tarkett laminated flooring assures ease of cleaning, wear and strain resistance, cigarette burn resistance, no color fading, non-proliferation of bacteria and germs. Laminated flooring consists of different kind of layers such as decorative layer, Core board, Balancing layer and the most important feature of mechanical locking system. Other eminence features includes-
    • Top quality of impact resistance to face everyday static and dynamic impacts like scratching of furniture legs, falling objects on the surface.
    • A silicon based moisture protection at the plank‚Äôs edges to prevent water ingress at the seams which will work as joint protection.
    • Unique and special treatment with MR tech to prevent moisture in the rooms.
  • Tarkett Engineered Flooring- Engineered flooring in terms of balanced choice efforts to make an active and conscious environmental choice that permeates complete product development process on the basis of aesthetic and economic factors. We target on four main fields according to the engineered choice-
    • Select natural and renewable materials to a greater extent and comprised of low emissions. Choose a floor that contains high degree of recycled materials.
    • Tarkett products are manufactured to high environmental requirements with goal of reducing the use of resources in energy consumption and water consumption.
    • We target to manufacture a floor that is easy to care for and maintain, which contributes to safety and healthy environment.
    • We focus on the floor material which can be recycled like used floors can be recycled yo materials used in building board or as energy.