Wall Pro

Wall Pro protection is quite essential for our walls and corners of buildings as these are specifically designed to protect the walls from heavy public movement on regular basis. Various kinds of intricacy like wear and tear and some scratch roughness occurring in corridor walls and corners of new public building, and these sort of difficulties are knocked by trolleys and arcs damaged by continued pedestrian traffic. So, Wall Pro is essentially designed for these areas as it includes high value of demand to create a new face of the building. Wall Pro has a broad range of solid and wooden colors-

  • Different variety brings together natural, sober, mineral shades and contrast that blends naturally with architectural designs.
  • In accumulation to prevent interiors of the buildings, asepsis is enormously imperative in operation theatres.
  • Wall Pro has developed three categories of products that have been well-tested in order to provide you the optimum level of quality solution i.e. wall protection rail, wall protection guards and corner guards and all are resistance to impact, germs and cleaning products.

We believe in complete client satisfaction policy by providing quality and rich products as we associate ourselves with reputed and esteemed clients.