Field Turf Tarkett

Field Turf Inc., ( innovated the new-generation artificial grass in the late 80's and early 90's that has dramatically different from the old generation coarse, abrasive turf. The new "grass" was soft, yet extremely resilient. Importantly, it replicated all the biomechanical properties of natural grass and therefore became an instant hit with players, administrators, coaches, facilities owners etc.

Almost every game that needed grass as a surface immediately adopted Field Turf as its most preffered artificial surface. Governing bodies such as MLB, UEFA, PGA Tour, and NFL etc., all conferred the "Approved" status on Field Turf. Over the years, The Field Turf"Grass" has been further refined and improved upon. Field Turf has over 14 patents covering various aspects of the Field Turf artificial grass "System". Its success is reflected by its installations in over 2,700 stadiums and playgrounds as well as almost 10,000-landscape & golf installation across 50 countries.

Tarkett Sports-part of the Tarkett Group- is based in France and present in more than 50 countries around the globe. Tarkett Sports specializes in the manufacture and marketing of Indoor and Outdoor sports flooring. Tarkett Sports since its formation has expanded rapidly and encompasses all the disciplines of different sports. The division has a core R&D team dedicated to innovation and to improve the quality of the products with constant customer interaction. From the atheletics track to the state-of-art synthetic turf pitches Tarkett products are the preffered choice.

Field Turf merged with Tarkett Sports( in 2005. Tarkett Sports are market leaders in Synthetic Tracks, since 10 years. The new company is now called Field Turf-Tarkett.

Field Turf- Tarkett's global Head Office is in Montreal, Canada.

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