Altro Safety Flooring

Altro is world leading manufacturer and supplier of interior's surfaces founded in the UK in 1919, Altro is the inventor of safety flooring. It's a product area in which the company continues to lead the way with ever more attractive and safety floor. However, over recent years they have to introduce many other solutions for practical decorative interiors and they will continue to invest for the benefit of our customers. The Altro range covers the full spectrum, with floors, wall cladding and false ceiling and ever door sets. As an international business with worldwide sales in the commercial, industrial and transport market. Altro is committed to a uniform quality management system compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Altro invented slip resistant vinyl flooring, hygienic and chemical resistant since then, by listening to you, anticipanting design trends and exploring ways to improve product performance.

Altro safety flooring is durable for hard-working environments and has been put through its places by the food and drink industry for the pst 50 years.

Altro's unique construction provides slip-resistant, resilient and durable safety flooring, which is ideal for use in greasy and wet environments , while providing a surface tht performs to the highest standards of hygiene and maintenance. The different thicknesses of flooring make the range suitable for a variety of locations. Floorings with medium to high slip resistance ratings give the right balance of minimizing slip risk with providing good cleanability, making them the perfect option for the unique requirements of different food preparation environments.

Fully bounded vinyl flooring with hot welded joints can provide a watertight and bankable system. The addition of Altrosan bacteriostat is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria. All Altro safety flooring benefits from either Altro Maxis Easy clean PUR, Altro Maxis Technology or Altro Easy clean Technology, providing varying levels of improved cleanability to suits your requirements- see each product page for details.

Whether used in food and beverage factories,slaughterhouses, bakeries, commercial kitchens, services, cold rooms, bars or storerooms, Altro have a specialist solution for any project, where food or drink is prepared or processed.